In order for us to have an understanding of your needs, we kindly ask you to fill out the attached Client Personal Information Questionnaire. Once completed, please return by email to our office. We kindly ask that you return it no less than four business days before your appointment.

Instructions regarding use of the Questionnaire follow:

  1. Double Click the Questionnaire to open it.
  2. Once it is open, please immediately click File>Save As.
  3. Save it with the current name to your “Desktop”.
  4. From time to time, you should save the information you have entered.
  5. When you have completed filling out the Questionnaire, perform a last “File>Save”.
  6. Open which ever email system you use. Click “Attach File”, and attach the Questionnaire to your email.
  7. Please email the document back to
  8. Please call if you have any questions on 650-572-7933.

McDowall Cotter Confidential Client Questionnaire – Couples –

McDowall Cotter Confidential Client Questionnaire – Single

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