Business Services

Whether the case involves a breach of contract, an employer/employee dispute, or any other lawsuit where the fight is about money, our trial attorneys know how to use the rules of procedure and evidence to your favor. They understand the costs of litigation and will craft a targeted plan to obtain the information needed in order to promptly analyze the nature and complexity of the dispute in an effort to reach a reasonable settlement and control costs.


Employment Counseling and Litigation

The hardest part of being an employer is having employees. The California Labor Code is a labyrinth seemingly designed for employees to never find their way out. McDowall Cotter attorneys are guides through this maze. Instead of stumbling over the traps of wage and hour, exempt or non-exempt, vacation, sick leave, independent contractors, discrimination, ADA, or retaliation, our lawyers steer you around the snares that lead to later lawsuits. Although our goal is to prevent losses before they occur, if an employee decides to make a claim with the Labor Board or file a lawsuit, our trial attorneys are there to defend you through the process.

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