Employment Disputes

Perhaps the best way for an employer in the state of California to avoid employment disputes (and the loss of assets that can accompany them) is to possess and abide by an employment handbook whose rules and regulations are consistent with those of the state’s labor code and the federal statutes that govern employer/employee relations.

McDowall Cotter specializes in advising clients on the creation and maintenance of such handbooks, as well as on other preemptive measures that make for a happy, stable, productive and legally defensible workplace. For more on this topic, please see Business Services: Employer/Employee Relations.

Of course one cannot prepare for all eventualities. Disagreements over wages, breaks, and family leave entitlements are commonplace, as are accusations of discrimination (gender, race, sex, age) and wrongful termination. Many such disputes are settled without appeal to authorities. Others, however, proceed to Labor Board hearings, Fair Employment and Housing investigations, and even civil lawsuits. No matter the nature or the complexity of the dispute, we provide the representation you need to resolve it quickly and efficiently.

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