Employer/Employee Relations

In the same way that good fences make good neighbors, a clear understanding of the laws governing employment makes for satisfying relationships between employers and the people they employ. At McDowall Cotter, we specialize in helping you develop that understanding and in giving it meaningful, legally defensible form.

Our services include, but are not limited to, preparation of letters offering employment, creation of employee handbooks, job description reviews and assessments of actual job activities—the latter with an eye toward determining how particular employees should be classified: salaried or commissioned (and therefore exempt from federal and state overtime requirements), hourly or as independent contractors. We provide many of these services for a fixed fee, which includes unlimited phone consultation.

McDowall Cotter also assists in managing employee termination. Because termination can be an emotionally charged event, it occasionally results in legal action. While we cannot prevent a disgruntled former employee from bringing suit, we can ensure that your contracts and procedures are in order and that you appear in the best possible light once you’re in front of a judge or jury. For more on this topic, please see Civil Litigation/Employment Disputes.

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