Understanding Different Types of Litigation Law 

When people contemplate the work of lawyers, scenes from high-profile trials, criminal prosecutions, and the subsequent jury verdicts often come to mind. This brings us to a specific realm of legal practice—litigation. Litigation is the formal process of dispute resolution through the public court system, encompassing both criminal and civil disputes, with each case involving a claimant and a respondent

In criminal litigation, the claimant is a government entity representing the people of a particular community. The prosecution, as it is called, alleges criminal acts by the respondent, known as the defendant. The prosecution seeks to prove the defendant’s guilt and, if found guilty, imposes a sentence, typically in the form of a fine or imprisonment. Civil litigation, on the other hand, involves private individuals or entities alleging civil wrongdoings and seeking redress, often in the form of financial compensation

At McDowall Cotter, our litigation team passionately represents clients across a broad spectrum of subjects within civil litigation practice. While we do not handle criminal defense, our attorneys extend their expertise to clients with prior criminal convictions, providing consulting and representation services, including expungement

Our litigation team works closely with public entities, handling claims related to personal injuries, civil rights, land use, and property damage. We take pride in vigorously defending our public entity clients, ensuring the protection of institutions and public employees from unwarranted claims. For the past seventy years, McDowall Cotter has been a stalwart legal ally, representing citizens, businesses, non-profits, and startups in defending or pursuing claims in litigation. 

For clients who find themselves involved in probate and trust litigation, McDowall Cotter offers seamless collaboration between our litigation and estate planning and trust administration attorneys, enabling our clients to navigate the unique complexities of these types of lawsuits without the stress and cost of seeking separate representation. 

Our civil defense litigation services also extend to personal injury, property damage, allegations of negligent and intentional conduct, contractual and business disputes, elder law claims, construction defect claims, landlord/tenant disputes, wage and hour claims, benefit claims, discrimination, retaliation, and wrongful termination. Even after cases reach judgment, our committed attorneys are prepared to represent clients on appeals, with a successful track record in precedent-setting cases. 

We also represent insured individuals and private entities whose insurance carriers have engaged McDowall Cotter to defend their insureds in personal injury, property damage, and employment matters. For those without insurance coverage, we understand the financial burden and strive to provide clarity, economical yet effective litigation strategies, and resolutions that align with our clients’ best interests

Facing a lawsuit or pre-litigation claim can be daunting, but McDowall Cotter understands the challenges you may be facing and is dedicated to helping you navigate the litigation process while working tirelessly to achieve the best resolution. To schedule a complimentary fifteen-minute consultation to assess how our litigation team can assist you, contact mcdclientsvcs@mcdlawyers.net

By W. Ethan McCallum, Esq.