McDowall Cotter Articles

CalABLE is HERE. For many disabled Americans, maintaining eligibility for public benefits and saving for long-term financial security are mutually exclusive. The ABLE act will finally change this for Californians. By Danielle Al-Abed.

>>A Will or a Trust, that is the Question

>>End of Life Act

>> McDowall Cotter Pro Bono Article By Alexandra Gaspar

> Everyone Has Their Own Way of Looking at Things By Sophia Cizmarik

>>It’s Your 18th Birthday! By Sophia Cizmarik

>> Proposition 13: Proposed Legislation May trigger reassessment of commercial property and reassessment on transfer of your home to your children  By Sophia Y. Cizmarik

>>Your Quick Guide to Proposition 5 for the November Ballot – by, Sophia Y. Cizmarik

>>End of Life Act

Michael S. Demian

>>Estate Tax Filers – New IRS Filing Requirement for 2016 – Form 8971

Robert D. Vale

Truths and Myths About Estate Planning

>> International Estate Planning Basics

Of Hearts and Minds; Estate Planning for Families with Kids>

Planning for a Loved One with Special Needs – Part 1

Special Needs Planning: One Trust or Two – Part 2

>>Have Your Cake And Eat It Too With A Charitable Remainder Trust

>> The ABC’s of Health Care Directives, Part I

>>The ABC’s Of Health Care Directives, Part II

David S. Rosenbaum

>>Protecting My Life’s Work: Choosing The Proper Form Of Business Entity

>> Kaiser Health Plans: Is Plaintiff’s Real Measure of Recovery Zero Dollars?

>>What Does Life Estate Mean?

Brett S. Lytle

>> Purpose And Scope Of The Company

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