“Proposition 13 – Passing Lower Property Tax to Your Children; Tricks & Treats You Should Know,” is a presentation given by Brett and Bob on California property taxes under Proposition 13.  During this presentation they demonstrate ways to avoid reassessment of California real property when parents want to leave the family home or other real estate (vacation homes, apartment buildings, warehouses, etc.) to their kids.


If you own real estate in California, that real estate may represent a major portion of the estate you plan to pass to your children.  If you bought your real estate a while ago, you may have a pretty small property tax bill each year.  Careful planning for the transfer of that real property to your children may allow them to keep the same low property tax payment you have now.  This can result in a major benefit to your family and greatly enhance your legacy.  We will be having the property tax presentation on Thursday, May 8, 2014.  We look forward to seeing you if you want to learn some of the strategies for passing California real estate to the kids without reassessment.