If you find yourself travelling on Highway 97 towards Bend or Crater Lake in Southern Oregon, be sure to stop by Chiloquin and check out what is probably the largest used bookstore in Southern Oregon.

My wife, Chris, and I found ourselves at a used book sale in Klamath Falls.  I was looking for the Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant.  The seller confirmed he had no such book and pronounced that if I was going to find it anywhere, it would be at the Chiloquin used bookstore.

Well, we stopped by the bookstore and were greeted by the proprietor, Richard.  Then we began our exploration.  At first, the bookstore appeared to be a straight forward affair.  Then, as we walked through room after room of books sorted by seemingly every topic, we came to appreciate the wonder of our find.  The depth of the bookstore rivals Powell’s Books in Portland, without the coffee bar.

Richard directed me to the presidential biography section where I found the two volume memoir I was looking for.  By the end of our visit, we had filled what extra room we had in or trunk with used books

So, if you find yourself driving along Highway 97, be sure to enjoy a visit to the Chiloquin Used Book Store.  By the way, if you think you might want to settle down in Oregon and run a fantastic book store, Richard is looking for a successor.

Chiloquin is just off Highway 97.  Exit Highway 97 on 422 towards Chiloquin and proceed about 500 yards.  The bookstore is to your right once you pass through the stop sign.  Enjoy and let Richard know we sent you!

photo of Richard