Personal Injury Lawsuit Asset Counselling

Insurance is a gamble. Most of us approach it conservatively, ratcheting up the liability limits, assuming as little risk as possible. Still, circumstances can, and occasionally do, overwhelm even the most aggressive insurance policies, and suddenly we can find ourselves vulnerable to a plaintiff’s attorney, for whom bank accounts, stocks, bonds, IRAs, even our homes are all fair game. That’s where McDowall Cotter comes in.

Your insurance company employs lawyers who will defend the assets covered under your policies. McDowall Cotter defends the assets that are not. We assist in managing the claim, negotiate with counsel, and creatively resolve the lawsuit with the goal of minimizing the exposure of your personal assets.

That said, there is really only one way to insure the safety of personal wealth, and that is to protect it in advance with a comprehensive estate plan. For more on that topic, please see Wealth Preservation.

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