McDowall Cotter Pro Bono Service

“Pro bono publico” is a Latin phrase that’s typically shortened to “pro bono” when it’s used in the legal profession. It means “for the good of the people,” and it refers to legal services performed free of charge or at reduced fees for the public good. Pro bono services help marginalized communities and underserved populations that are often denied access to justice due to lack of income. These often include children and the elderly.

The Pro Bono case in question was referred to our office through the San Mateo Legal Aid Society. The case involved an adult who suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of an auto-pedestrian accident. The individual remains in a deep coma.
He was represented by his guardian ad litem, his mother, who needed legal advice and guidance in establishing a special needs trust to accept funds received as a result of the settlement with the driver of the car that hit him.
We successfully represented the guardian ad litem in petitioning the San Francisco County Superior Court for an Order Approving the Compromise of a Pending Action of an Adult with a Disability. With that Order in hand, we represented our client in a petition to the Contra Costa County Superior Court and obtaining an Order granted to Establish, Join and Fund a Golden State Pooled Trust for the benefit of the disabled adult.

Our work consisted of many hours of attorney and paralegal time devoted to filing appropriate documentation with both courts, several court appearances and working closely with our client and the Golden State Pooled Trust to successfully establish and fund the pooled special needs trust on behalf of our client’s son.
As a law firm, we appreciate the services the San Mateo County Legal Aid Society provides to the citizens of San Mateo County, and it is our honor to support that cause through our own pro bono efforts on behalf of the clients referred to us by the society.
We also want to recognize the spirt of collaboration shown by Stephen Dale and his team at the Dale Law Firm. The firm provided us with great assistance in maneuvering though the complex pleadings required in San Francisco and Contra Costa Counties and Stephen is actually the Trustee of the Golden State Pooled Trust where the funds were placed for the benefit of the disabled individual. Thank you, Stephen and the team at the Dale Law Firm!
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