Madeline J. Olea

Legal Assistant

In her role as a Legal Assistant to the Estate Planning Team, Madeline is involved with the creation of each unique estate plan from start to finish. Whether she is preparing preliminary drafts of documents or guiding clients through the implementation process, she is there every step of the way.

Madeline joined our team in the Fall of 2017 as a Client Services Coordinator after graduating from University of California, Davis. While there, she earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology and a minor in Communications.

During her time as a Client Services Coordinator, Madeline worked to expand her knowledge of the legal field. We are now proud to announce her new role as a Legal Assistant for the Estate Planning Team!

Madeline strives for an efficient work product and does not shy away from new challenges in the workplace.

In her free time, Madeline enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, and discovering new music!